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Spicy Orange Beef

Spicy Orange Beef

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Allow me to introduce Spicy Orange Beef! It is a delicious and easy stir-fry dish.  It can be paired with rice or noodles, but personally, I love it by itself.  This dish can be made in a wok or 12-inch skillet.

This recipe can be veganized by replacing the beef with Gardein beef tips or firm tofu. It was would probably work well with seitan too. Of course, it can also be a vegetable stir-fry; however, you would want to add sliced sweet onions, carrot chips, snow peas, or sugar snap peas.

Stir-Fry Tips

Spicy Orange Beef, like other stir-frys, requires a little bit of skill and preparation to pull off without a hitch. The following tips can help give you a leg up on this recipe. Be sure to have your mise en place finished before you start.  Mise en place means everything in its place.  In the culinary world, it is basically prep work.  Since a stir-fry cooks very quickly, it is crucial to have all the ingredients measured, chopped as required by the recipe.

Do not crowd the cooking vessel. Be sure to keep the food moving in the pan or wok continuously, except when a recipe says otherwise.  Use a wooden or silicone spatula to keep from scratching up the wok or pan. Add your sauce in the last step of the cooking.


I think it is evident by now that I enjoy a good stir-fry.  Besides this Spicy Orange Beef recipe, I have posted Stir-Fry Beef and Broccoli and Thai Beef with Basil recipes.  It is the versatility and quickness for me. Buying pre-prepped ingredients can save time with prep work; consequently, those items will be more expensive. Stir-in ginger, pre-peeled garlic cloves, bagged broccoli florets, and carrot chips are some of the short cuts I feel safe taking.

Minced garlic stored in liquid is one of my least favorite shortcuts.  It just does not have the same flavor as fresh chopped garlic.  When using pre-peeled garlic, I usually pass it through a garlic press.  This technique works well with sauces, soups, or any recipe where you do not want garlic pieces. Of course, you can slice and chop it as needed.

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