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I have often said food and cooking and mental health wellness are the twin pillars of my life. That statement is 100% true, but there is more to it. Both of the pillars are interconnected. Changes in my mental health typically affect my desire to cook and hamper some of my culinary skills.  For example, I used to gauge the time that passed without the use of timers.  However, now timers are something I must use to ensure my desired results.  I have been using them for several years now; nonetheless, I was not always so accepting. In the beginning, I viewed the use of timers as an undesired crutch instead of a helping hand. Setting the time on the device served as a reminder of a demanded skill, and I hated it.  Fortunately, I changed my perspective; I saw the timer as a helpful tool, like my chef’s knife or 12″ skillet. Now with Google Assistant, keeping track of time is as easy as talking aloud.  “Hey Google, set a timer for 15 minutes, please,” rolls off the tongue very well. I use the digital assistant on my phone, Nest Mini, Google Home (discontinued), and Google Home Mini.  At times I might give Alexa on my Echo Dot (3rd gen) and Echo Show 5 a roll as well, “Alexa, please set a 15-minute timer.  My mental health wellness journey has damaged and repaired my kitchen prowess.  I continue to find ways to fix or rework lost and damaged skills.  

Also, when I do not cook for myself, it can cause a spiral of self-doubt and confusion.  I have always loved to cook for others, but like many people, the idea of cooking for myself is lackluster.  Sadly, in my case, I may masticate over why I am not cooking myself, which can take me down a pretty rocky and confusing path.  These nasty thoughts leech into my self-love, self-care, and self-worth and spin webs designed to numb those feelings.  Consequently, when mental distractions call my ideas into question, depression can set in and begin to take root in my mind.  Happily, I usually can get in there and turn these around pretty quickly.  A nice meal prepared by me has long been a way I cheer myself up, even if food delivery services somewhat replaced it during COVID. I thoroughly enjoy eating food made in my kitchen. Furthermore, the act of cooking alone is enough to lift my spirits.  As you can see, my cooking adventures can also play the high and low game with my mental health wellness. 


Recipe Archive

This page is a chronicle of all the recipes on the site. Most of the recipes are my own creation or modification from different sources. I make sure to denote recipes that are not mine.

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