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A Little About Me

Greetings, I am Tay! To get the basics about me out the way, I am a 40-something-year-old student, native Californian living with mental health concerns. Outside of school, cooking, and blogging, I love all things “geeky,” such as anime, computer games, comic books, fantasy, and sci-fi movies. On the flip side, I also enjoy the beach, art, music, camping, and traveling. I am also one of the 2021 Glamour Magazine Community College Students of the Year. 

I was born and raised in southern California as a Long Beach resident for the last eight years. In April of 2018, I moved to Dayton, Ohio; then, in June 2019, I moved to Trotwood, Ohio. The primary reasons I moved to Ohio were due to the cost of living and to make my dream of bringing my cooking for the masses come true. As most people know, California is expensive. 

Now, let’s get a little deeper. Since I was a child, I have had issues with my mental health. At first, my diagnosis was Major Depressive Disorder. Several years later, and a new psychiatrist changed my diagnosis to Bipolar Disorder II and PTSD. It still took another two years to find the right combination of medication and therapy before I began to stabilize. In December of 2019, I started doing some deeper emotional work, which led to seeing the world and my place in it in a new way.  

This change influenced me to go back to school and to look forward to the day once again. While I continue to have struggles, I also continue to learn new ways to positively deal with the stuff that the world heaps on us every day. 

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