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Welcome to Tay’s Bipolar Kitchen, where life’s a quirky mix of flavors and perspectives! This isn’t just a website; it’s a journey through the ups, downs, and delicious turns of mental health wellness.

Here, I’ve traded in my rollercoaster ticket for a chef’s hat because, let’s face it, life’s too short for bland experiences. As your head chef in this culinary adventure, I promise a menu rich with hearty laughs, thought-provoking tales, and, of course, mouth-watering recipes.

Imagine this space as your favorite cafe where every chat feels like a heart-to-heart with an old friend. Whether you’re here for a quick tip or a deep dive into the world of mental wellness with a side of culinary fun, there’s a seat at my table with your name on it.

So, kick off your shoes, grab an apron (optional but highly recommended), and let’s cook up some joy together. Because here, every day is a chance to taste life in all its flavors!

Mental Health Wellness

Step into a world of growth with our monthly themes! Mindfulness, coping skills, self-improvement – it's all here. Join the conversation at 'The Table'.

Personal Experiences & Reflections

Join me on a journey through life's thickets. I'll share personal stories and lessons learned, guiding us through the brier patch with grace and wisdom.

Food & Cooking

Spice up your culinary skills! From 'Tay Tastes Things (Again)' to 'The Stocking Series', discover tips, tricks, and tantalizing recipes to elevate your cooking game. It's all about flavor, fun, and a pinch of adventure in the kitchen!

Feast your eyes on my culinary collection! Browse a complete list of recipes, each a creation from my kitchen. Unique, personal, and delicious – unless noted, they’re all Tay originals!

My goal is to create an informative and laid-back space to foster understanding, learning, and sharing, hopefully leading to inner healing. 

Click the link below to join.  You can share, listen, or both.