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Redefining Success

Remember when participation trophies were a thing?  Some bristled at the idea of giving rewards to “losers” regardless of the intent.  In all honesty, the concept was great, but the execution needed some work.  Stated plainly, it was not a reward for losing.  It was meant to be acknowledgment and

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my love story self love image

My Love Story

Man, I am so in love. It is amazing how someone can be right before your very eyes, yet you don’t notice them. This kind

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Being Aware

It is my hope, sharing my journey will provide some insight into your own journey.  Before trying anything, I mentioned, as always, check with medical

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Spicy BLT Avocado Toast

  Say it with me, Spicy BLT Avocado Toast. Perhaps I should start off by saying that I did not think I liked avocado for the longest time. I know, I know.  What type of self-respecting southern Californian does not like avocado?  I swear I did not.  Boy, I have

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Stocking Series: Kitchen Utensils

Tay’s Bipolar Kitchen is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Stocking Series   Check out the complete stocking series by clicking here.  There are so many

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Why I Love to Cook

I love to cook, in case you have not noticed. In my (not so) humble opinion, I tend to be pretty good at it.  Recently,

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Roasted Peking Chicken Breasts

Roasted Peking Chicken breast is a new recipe to help me in my quest to expand my culinary horizons. When I look for easy, delicious recipes, I cracked open my copy of The All New Good Housekeeping Cookbook by Susan Westmoreland. First off, I still love this cookbook. It was

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Cabinets – A complete list of all the categories for my blog posts.  Some posts will have more than one category.  Click on one to see all the posts that fall within. Dishes – Another name for individual blog posts.  Ingredients –These are the tags at the bottom of my

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Stocking Series: The Pantry

When it comes to stocking the pantry, it can hard to know what food items to always have on hand. Please, allow me to be of assistance.  This post is a comprehensive pantry list, regardless of your skill level. When it comes to frozen or canned, I prefer frozen fruits

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