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Chicken Soup and Netflix’s Altered Carbon

The second season of Netflix’s Altered Carbon is here!  I stumbled upon season one quite some time ago. Instantly, I was in love with the concept. The visuals, ideas, and acting were fantastic to me.  After I watched the last episode, I wanted more.  It took a while, but more

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I Let You Go: A Lesson

“Have you noticed I’ve been ignoring you?” “Yep.” “Why haven’t you said anything?” “Because it doesn’t bother me. I am no longer interested in people doing things only because I want them to do it. “ “So you’re saying you don’t care about me anymore? “ “I’m saying I don’t

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Instant Pot Carnitas

Pork shoulder butt was on sale at Kroger. They can range from four to six pounds, which for me is a problem.  I live alone, and thanks to the gastric sleeve, I now have a tiny stomach.  As I stood in front of the meat case, contemplating my next move,

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Self-Care Day

Today, I decided I needed a self-care day. It was a painful, emotional past few months.  I’m finally back in Ohio.  Yet, my tension is still quite high. It has been a while since I had taken some time to myself, alone.  It was time I put everyone else on

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When Life Gives You Lemons

** Trigger Warning ** This post deals with suicide. Please proceed carefully.  When life gives you lemons, they said you should make lemonade.  There are times when the lemons are so tart, and it doesn’t seem as if they will be enough water or sugar to make the lemonade sweet

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Take a Sip and Get Ready

This morning I work up quite anxious.  I had a long list of appointments, and that fact alone had me on edge from the moment I opened my eyes. I took a couple of deep breaths to calm my thoughts, just long enough to formulate a plan to a bit

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Leader of My Pack

Over the last few months, I noticed a few people I am down with and a few people who are down with me.  The peculiar thing about this, both said not contain the same people. I have changed how I interact with many people; some do not seem to have

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Dealing with Fear

It took me so long to understand how much fear I lived with and how it was slowly strangling my dreams and life. I wouldn’t make moves with Simply Catering because I could not see a clear path to success. I was afraid to fail, which meant I was scared

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A Night Out in Dayton

After being cooped up in the house, a night out in Dayton was on the menu. However, this is my first winter here in Ohio. Now being a California girl, this single-digit weather does not agree with my constitution. That being said, it is not as bad as I thought

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