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Introducing Tay Tastes Things

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Hey guys! I’m thrilled to bring another segment to the TBPK blog: introducing Tay Tastes Things (TTT)!

After over four decades of life, I had a good handle on my likes and dislikes regarding culinary delights.  However, over the last ten years, I’ve noticed taste buds are changing.  Brussel sprouts, green beans, collard greens, spinach, and avocado have taken up space on my mental “Do Not Eat” list for as long as I remember.  Fast forward to the present, brussels sprouts, spinach, and green are among my favorite vegetables!

So, what changed my mind?  I can’t recall what provoked the ah-ha moment, which had me singing a new tune. In all honesty, the difference between like and dislike came down to preparation. As it turns out, mushy vegetables were the real culprit. I like the majority of my non-scratchy veggies cooked to still be likely crunchy, like my marinated green beans.  As soon as the veggies began to soften, I find my happy place.  When talking about the leafy greens, I prefer them raw like my Spinach Salad nine times out of ten.

Tay Tastes Things will focus on my adventures, trying new culinary delights to explain my culinary horizons further.  My goal is to try or retry five ingredients each week. “Ingredients” can be as simple as spices and seasonings to an elaborate dish featuring something new.

For October, I am committing to creating one meal each day. To that a step further, I will also be trying five new ingredients each week! When thinking about how I would add accountability, I came up with the idea for Tay Tastes Things!

I am very excited to bring this new segment to TBPK.  Look for all upcoming TTT blog posts each Sunday!

It is my hope you’ll join me in challenging your food beliefs.  Use the hashtag #PickyNoMore on your social media posts!

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Tay M.

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