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Chicken Soup and Netflix’s Altered Carbon

Chicken Soup and Netflix’s Altered Carbon

The second season of Netflix’s Altered Carbon is here!  I stumbled upon season one quite some time ago. Instantly, I was in love with the concept. The visuals, ideas, and acting were fantastic to me.  After I watched the last episode, I wanted more.  It took a while, but more is finally here! 

The timing could not have been better. It is a cold and rainy day here in Trotwood, Ohio.  Only one more thing could make this day perfect: homemade chicken soup.  Luckily for me, I had everything I needed to make this soup on hand.  I used both bone-in skin-on chicken thighs and breasts with the skin removed. Using bone-in chicken gives the soup a particular body and mouthfeel.  It is collagen in the bones, which makes the broth soups feel so hearty. I tend always to use bone-in chicken when using a box stock as well. I cook the chicken with the skin on because that is where the fat is stored. It also helps keep the chicken moist. The stock, sauteed mirepoix (which is the flavor base in a lot of cooking styles, consisting of onion, carrots, and celery) dried herbs (bay leaf, parsley, and thyme) simmer with the chicken. 

At the very moment the chicken was done, I removed it from the stock, pulled the meat off the bones and skin, and shredded it before returning it to the pot. Soup is ready.

Tonight was a night of self-care with chicken soup and Netflix’s Altered Carbon. Something delicious in my bowl and something fun on casting on my TV. I must take time out for myself. To remember to breathe, push my worries aside, and enjoy myself.  Cooking for myself is one of several ways I practice self-care.  What are your favorite methods of self-care?

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