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Cabinets – A complete list of all the categories for my blog posts.  Some posts will have more than one category.  Click on a category to see all the posts that fall within.

Dishes – Another name for individual blog posts. 

Featured Collections – Houses all my food cooking content

Ingredients – A complete list of all the tags used on my blog posts. Posts will have more than one tag.  Clicking on a tag will take you to all posts that fall within.

Kitchen Table Talks – This is how to choose to label all my content posted to my blog. This blog is my kitchen, and our conversations happen around the kitchen table.

Menu Board – A complete list of all the pages on my site.

Monthly Menu Talks – A segment that discusses a mental health topic over a month posted on Tuesday.  

Place Settings – Houses all my mental health wellness content

Special of the Month – Where I share my favorite recipes from the previous month.  

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I’m the Tay behind Tay’s Bi-Polar Kitchen. I started this blog to share my kitchen and mental health wellness journey. I want to show people they are not alone in their struggles, combat the stigma associated with mental disorders, and be open and honest about their mental health. In my opinion, these three issues stand as barriers to seeking treatment. If this website inspires someone to move closer to mental health wellness for themselves or another, my work has been done.

Welcome to my table; I hope you say a while.

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars." - Kahlil Gibran

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