Duo of Dips Guacamole – Part 2

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Up next is my Duo of Dips: Guacamole! My apologies for the delay! This blog does revolve around mental health, and mine was not up to par. However, I am getting a break from my depression symptoms. Therefore it is a perfect time to get caught up on some blog posts!

If somehow, you missed the first part of my Duo of Dips: Pico de Gallo click here! Hint: you will need it for this recipe!

This guacamole recipe is simple yet, classic and guacamole!  Feel free to experiment with it and add your own twist.

I used this to top my chicken nachos which will finally be posted next week! Those nachos were so crazy!  I can’t wait to share them with you!

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  1. Looks yummy! I am wondering why the pit needs to be added back to store this.

    • Adding the pit back is a debated method for keeping the avocado from oxidizing.

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