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Tag: April 2020

Welcome to Tay’s BiPolar Kitchen!

Hi! I am Tay Sun, May 14, 2017 /No Comments Welcome to Tay’s Bipolar Kitchen. Please have a seat at my table. As the name suggests,
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Mindfulness Techniques: Walking

When taking a mindfulness walk, the key is to simply notice.  Notice your breathing and the feel of your body.  Pay attention to the rise and fall of your feet.
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Mindfulness Techniques: Meditation

This week we are breaking down the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation. Feel free to download the graphic to keep as a cheat sheet.
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Mindfulness Techniques: Overview

Mindfulness is the first talk. Today, I am giving an overview on what mindfulness entails. Hopefully, you will feel inspired to give a try. As always, remember my disclaimer before trying anything on this site.
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