Mindfulness Series

Mindfulness Techniques: Defusion

Diffusion is a technique that is made to help you separate yourself from your thoughts.  Often we have dark or negative thoughts, which is natural.  It is important we take care to not become our thoughts. 
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Mindfulness Techniques: Walking

When taking a mindfulness walk, the key is to simply notice.  Notice your breathing and the feel of your body.  Pay attention to the rise and fall of your feet.
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Mindfulness Techniques: Meditation

This week we are breaking down the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation. Feel free to download the graphic to keep as a cheat sheet.
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Mindfulness Techniques: Overview

Mindfulness is the first talk. Today, I am giving an overview on what mindfulness entails. Hopefully, you will feel inspired to give a try. As always, remember my disclaimer before trying anything on this site.
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Grounding Techniques Series

Grounding Techniques: Categories

What is Grounding? Grounding is the act of bringing the mind back to the present by distracting it from unwanted activities.  The activities take the form of ruminating thoughts, painful memories, or persistent worrying.
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Grounding Techniques: 5-4-3-2-1

The grounding technique 5-4-3-2-1 involves using your five senses to draw your attention away from disturbing thoughts, memories, or worries.  As you move through the senses, the number of items to notice decreases.
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