Self-Care Day

Today, I decided I needed a self-care day. It was a painful, emotional past few months.  I’m finally back in Ohio.  Yet, my tension is still quite high. It has been a while since I had taken some time to myself, alone.  It was time I put everyone else on hold.  For a few hours, I need to shrug off all my stress, hurt, and confusion.

I decided I needed a little bit of pampering, entertainment, and a meal out.  A few days before I decided to go out, I call Ulta and made an appointment with their Benefit Brow Bar at The Greene.  Before I moved to Dayton, I had not been to the Benefit Brow Bar.  It was always less expensive in Long Beach to get my brows done.  I didn’t understand why I should pay $40 for the service.  However, it quite a bit more expensive to my eyebrows done here. It was with this fact I had in mind when I was at a few months before Ultra and decided to give it a whirl.

My brows have a lovely natural shape, but they are a bit on the light side. Benefit has a tint and wax service for about $36.  When I say my brows had never looked better, I would not be exaggerating at all. My technician did the wax first to get the shape perfect.  Then it was time for the tint, which she did in half black and dark brown. It was just dark enough for me. My brows looked like Instagram brows, so close to perfect.

After the eyebrows were finished, I went over the Cinemark to watched the newly released Spider-man: Far Away from Home.  As with most Marvel superhero movies, I enjoyed it. Tom Holland is the only Spider-man who feels like a teenager. His portrayal of Peter Parker is so impressive.  Don’t wrong, I like the other Spider-men, but they struck me more as a college student than high schoolers. The downside of Tom’s Peter to me is how they seem to downplay how intelligent he is supposed to be. You get the idea he is smart, but not at the level Peter usually is. Nonetheless, it was a fun movie.

Lastly, I capped off my self-care day at bd’s Mongolian Grill. I have always enjoyed this Mongolian BBQ concept rows of protein, vegetables, spices, and herbs to go on top of my favorite carbohydrate.  Squeeze as much meat, veggies, and noodles into a bowl as you can top it with my favorite sauces and seasonings. After that, you hand it off to the folks working the round grill with long sticks.  Regardless of how much you cram into the bowl. I always get it back with a lot more room than I think I should have.  This time, since I was getting ready for my surgery, I did not get any noodles or rice.  Unfortunately, I put way too much chili power on my creation and didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked.

It is nice to have finally shrugged off some of what I had been feeling.  There are times when you just have to take a self-care day and breath.