Perspective: A Bird’s Eye View

How a Change of Perspective Can Effect Understanding

I was in Big Lots having a whole out-of-body experience because my imagination jumped up and started sprinting towards my thoughts on perspective

So, my bf is the tallest person I have ever seen and probably one, if not the, tallest I have heard of that is not a celebrity of sorts. When I was in Big Lots looking at the extendable dusters, it struck me that, generally speaking, Caleb would not need a product like this. 

I started trying to picture what that must be like. However, that quickly turned into being able to walk into a room and undoubtedly see the dusty tops of everything. Literally 👁️ to 👁️ with corner cobwebs and inch-thick dust rugs on the top of bookshelves. Meanwhile, I am looking up into the corner, asking, is that web or a shadow?

Perspective man. It can change so much. We can distinctly see how our lens, through which we move through the world, affects how we understand and interact with it. Moreover, if we can pause to look at the world through someone’s view, we can gain valuable understanding and compassion for one another. 

He can look at me, thinking how nice it is not to duck all the time, but it sucks that she needs step stools to reach the top shelf. I can ponder his view by noting how hard it must be to find clothes; however, it is neat to have a visual aspect of the world that the majority does not get.

Standing in each other’s shoes can widen our perspective and align ourselves with a deeper understanding of ourselves, the world, and those who inhabit it. One key is to always look with a heart of comprehension, not judgment or shame. Be open to learning.