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The pandemic has lasted longer than most expected in March 2020.  While the world dissolved into fear and uncertainty, some sought to unplug from the heavy onslaught of knowledge by tuning into media streaming services, creating new hobbies, and social media. For me, I turned to social media. Who would think you could find so much positivity on social media. Imagine my surprise when I came across five professional mental health wellness Tiktokers, which I love.

I am going to let you in on a little secret; I love TikTok.  Yes, I am a GenXer tiptoeing through the Gen Z Tiktok streets, mostly undetected. Regardless of what you may or may not have heard, TikTok can be extremely entertaining, inspiring, engaging, and educating.  Since this is a mental health wellness post, be sure to check out my disclaimer before you continue. Following my advice, I talked to my therapists about these accounts. He gave me the thumbs up and was happy I found uplifting content.

Side One

Outside of viral dances and mental health accounts, you can find musicians, ballet dancers, and figure skaters.  Not to mention, there are layers of cooks, eateries, and chefs to satisfy almost anyone. Of course, you have mainstream music artists, comedians, and actors galore. Furthermore, you can find people who give the news, talk about science, and a wide range of other topics.  All you have to do is search TikTok, and you can find almost anything, that is, if it does not break it is community guidelines (that are enforced in a very random way, to say it nicely)

Side Two

However, let’s be honest, just like any other social media platform, there is always a level of bickering, harassment, and unsavory behavior. TikTok is also a place where people share their advocacy and ignorance on a wide range of topics.  I have seen constructive and honest conversations happening in the comments.  Sadly, I have seen unconstructive and conversations devolve into attacks and general ugliness.  Therefore just like any other platform, I tend to disengage from certain videos when my tank is low.

TikTok Therapists?

When I need a mental boost between therapy sessions, I turn into five mental health wellness Tiktokers, which I have come to love very much.  All of them speak authentically and fearlessly, using pop culture and new trends to deliver their message.  Just like any proficient therapist, they can make you feel uncomfortable, which is always a tell-tell sign that an internal searching needs to take place. For me being uncomfortable has been a sign that I am on the precipice of change. On the other hand, their delivery is also entertaining, relatable, and honest.  As noted below, you can see these professionals bring their insights to TikTok to spread mental health awareness and wellness.  Even though you might pick up several good tips, these accounts are by no means a replacement for any type of therapy. 

My Favorite Tiktok Mental Health Professionals

@raquelmartinphd, Raquel Martin Ph.D., is a “Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Podcast Host.”  She keeps it very real from the preceptive of a woman and a POC in the field.  She gives me that solid advice which helps me to evaluate my perspective internally and externally.


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@Thecoachingcounselor, Chis Diquone, is a “mental health therapist, high school counselor, and coach.”  His platform of a mix of shoe fashion, practical mental health advice, and good ole fun.  He is full of humor and honesty. Even though he works mostly with kids, the knowledge he imparts is useful for all ages.


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♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

@embodimend, Cris, a “mental health & energy healing therapist,” brings a New York state of mind and East Coast vibe to her account, dishing out mental health realness. She definitely helps guide people to feel comfortable in their own skin.


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@drhanren, Han Ren, Ph.D., a Psychologist who helps expose and navigate colonialism in the mental health profession. Her content makes you confront your biases and others to ensure you get the care you need. She points out how medical bias in the mental health industry.


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♬ Send Me on My Way – Vibe Street

@that.anxious.therapist, Alysia, LPCC, LADC, a self-proclaimed “anxious emo kid turned anxious therapist,” humanizes therapy by showing you can still achieve with a mental health diagnosis. She is very frank and honest about her struggles. Her relaxed demeanor is enduring, which helps the viewers connect.


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♬ original sound – Alysia, LPCC, LADC (she/her)

Stay tuned to my favorite cooking accounts on TikTok!

Redefining Success

Remember when participation trophies were a thing?  Some bristled at the idea of giving rewards to “losers” regardless of the intent.  In all honesty, the concept was great, but the execution needed some work.  Stated plainly, it was not a reward for losing.  It was meant to be acknowledgment and encouragement to keep pushing forward.  In our society, so many activities are based on win-or-lose; it is imperative to understand that losing is not the end of the journey. 

Most successful people have a long list of failures under their belt.  Each one of those unsuccessful attempts was a learning stepping stone to move them closer to success.  Nonetheless, in general, failing sucks and causes us to feel there is something wrong within ourselves. Imagine if I told you that failing does not make you a loser.  Perhaps the timing was poor, did not do enough research, overestimated demand, focused on the wrong market, and so on.  Those items and more are mistakes, perhaps even costly ones.

Let’s reexamine how we view success. Pretend you want to be a doctor.  There are several steps to get the end goal, such as:

  • having a certain GPA
  • acceptance into college
  • finishing college
  • gaining acceptance to med school
  • finishing med school
  • internship
  • residency
  • fellowship
  • passing boards

Some will look at this list and think success is only found after completing the last item. In actuality, accomplishment is found after each level.  Typically, there are layers to reach a certain level of achievement. Unfortunately, people tend to have their eyes so focused on the prize they do not stop acknowledging and appreciating each completed step.  Some who stumble along the way may quit all together because they feel like failures.  For this reason, it is crucial to be able to look back and be grateful for the completed attainments.  Moreover, those completed steps can provide the tenacity we need to dust ourselves off and keep on moving forward.

While the emphasis is often placed on winning or the end goal, success is built with every milestone achieved. Each test, personal best, and so on smashed is a successfully placed building block. Celebrating these milestones can help to hold you up when you fall.  By making a habit of acknowledging the miles traveled, making mistakes will not always feel like starting over. 

Stay tuned to more Care for You posts!